Psymetrics offers a revolutionary program designed to accelerate the patient analysis process. This innovative program is a Online Journal Analysis Program (OJAP) that incorporates graphical and statistical patient analysis, along with advanced search tools that are easy to use.

Since the 1970's depression and substance abuse have impacted millions of individuals and their families, subsequently putting a tremendous burden on the healthcare industry. Statistics corroborate what many experts believe, which is that depression and substance abuse will continue to effect many more. As a result, many healthcare professionals, i.e. Therapists, Clinicians, and other related professionals, are currently handling excessive caseloads. This has prompted for speedier and more effective ways of providing quality service, without sacrificing the patient's overall health and well-being.

This is where Psymetrics can be of real value to you: OJAP saves time while providing you the means to effectively manage your caseload.

As a healthcare professional, you understand the benefits a personal journal can have on your patient's progress. Yet, a journal should be more than a repository for thoughts and experiences. Rather, a journal should provide meaningful metrics over the course of a patient's analysis. These "metrics" are essentially insights drawn using our OJAP program, which allows you to formulate patient assessment quickly thereby saving you time.


Psymetrics supports the Go Green initiative in its effort to promote a paperless environment.

Go Green Initiative

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