As a Psychotherapist or Clinical Psychologist, you understand the benefits a journal can have on your patient's progress. Yet, a journal should be more than a repository for thoughts and experiences. Rather, a journal should provide metrics over the course of a patient's analysis. To achieve that end, Psymetrics has developed an Online Journal Analysis Program (OJAP) that draws from and extrapolates a patient's online journal data and thus allows you, the healthcare professional, to quickly assess your patient's progress thereby saving you time and improving the efficiency of your caseload.

OJAP is particularly suitable in specialized areas such as Depression and Substance Abuse, but can be applied to other areas pertaining to patient analysis and treatment. OJAP provides graphical & statistical analysis tools, including advanced search techniques, that help to accelerate a patient's assessment. These analysis tools are advanced, yet simple to use.

OJAP requires a login credential in order to access the patient's graphical and statistical analysis data and thereby is compliant with the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Access to OJAP is available from any computer with Internet access...securely!

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